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Commercial Painter Seattle, Yakima


Safety is priority one at Paint Smith Co. It is understood by all within the Paint Smith team that no job is a success, unless safety standards and procedures are upheld.

Our safety program is cultivated through regular trainings, effective communication techniques, and a strong commitment by all employees to keep safety at the top of the list.

We engage in regular weekly safety meetings, jobsite safety hazard analysis, fall protection training, random drug-screenings, annual respirator fit testing, and all applicable OSHA trainings.

Painting Contractors Seattle, Yakima


With safety directors at both Seattle & Yakima PaintSmith locations, we have a firm grasp on current industry standards, stringent in-house safety regulations, and an ability to create and implement innovative safety initiatives and practices.

Contrary to others in the construction industry, Paint Smith Co. firmly believes that safety isn’t just another workplace obstacle, but rather a culture and systematic approach to construction that is embraced by all of its employees.

We are creating a culture of safety.