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Hotel Painting Contractors Seattle, Yakima


The ability to capture a prodigious first impression and to also present an inviting aesthetic appeal of hospitality requires teamwork, resolve and a high level of creativity.

As one of the foremost hotel painting contractors serving Seattle and Yakima, we have a highly skilled team, mindful of the uniqueness of this hospitality industry, that focuses on creating a pleasing and inviting appeal drawing new and returning guests.

Whether the interior design and exterior colors are predetermined by brand image, or achieved by individualized selection, we are committed to achieving the desired artistic appeal.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Exterior, grand entrances and interior painting
  • Protective coatings
  • Epoxies, urethanes, chemical stains, elastomeric textures applications
  • Beautiful decorative finishes
  • Floor finishes
  • Wallcoverings-removal and installation
  • Pressure washing
  • Sandblasting and chemical stripping
  • Pre-finish shop for cabinetry, doors and millwork
  • Specialty finishes-multi-colored paint and innumerable faux finish techniques
  • Concrete finishes
  • Professional assistance – color consultations and design concepts
  • Guest room and corridor refresh/remodel
  • Soft remodels

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Hotel Painting Company Seattle, Yakima


We have a long history with extensive experience and a range of capabilities as a premier hotel painting company serving Seattle and Yakima.

Our team of highly skilled craftsmen and technicians have a full understanding of the hospitality industry, and perform all phases of their work in a respectful manner that honors and preserves the atmosphere of your facility.

Whether you are part of a chain that requires brand continuity, or a luxury hotel or bed and breakfast with the freedom to focus on individual aesthetic preference, we offer the same meticulous attention to detail and level of comprehensive services to create the desired effect:

  • An initial thorough survey of the exterior and interior
  • A comprehensive proposal with details of the job scope
  • Consultation assistance relative to design and color theory
  • Carefully selected tried-and true materials
  • Clear communication and job supervision
  • Daily cleanup to minimize disruption to your business activities
  • Emphasis on efficiency, craftsmanship, reliability and cost-effectiveness
  • Coordinating and scheduling to minimize downtime of your facility

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Seattle, Yakima Commercial Painters


Our experienced teams of Seattle and Yakima commercial painters are fully committed to providing a superior finished product that meets industry standards and the specific requirements of our clients.

We are uniquely qualified to add aesthetic value to your property, regardless of scale, condition of the structure, or difficult challenges.

If the interior or exterior of your structure is peeling, cracked or aged that may turn potential guests away, call for our professional work force to provide a stunning transformation with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

We welcome the opportunity to visit your business site to provide a clear understanding and perspective of the project:

  • Amount of time required from prep work to final completion
  • Materials recommendations – types, durability, environmentally friendly
  • Safety measures and requirements
  • Your specifications and budget

Call PaintSmith Company for a professional team with proven expertise, access to state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies, and the finest quality service from start to finish! (206) 333-6171