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Property Maintenance Painting Seattle, Yakima


We provide professional property maintenance painting for Seattle and Yakima that generally involve strict timelines, unique challenges,and stringent safety practices.

Our skilled crews are committed to fulfilling each project in a timely manner meeting an exceptionally high standard of workmanship that is prideful in longevity and appearance.

This is a general overview of our services, processes and special materials, but not limited to:

  • Exterior repainting-office buildings, industrial parks, retail centers,apartments and condominiums
  • LEED Certified Zero VOC paints and coatings
  • Touch up and repainting of occupied interior spaces
  • Retirement homes
  • Residential multi-family interior common areas
  • Rebranding color changes
  • Pressure washing
  • Removal and replacement of concrete tilt panel sealants
  • Wallcovering installations
  • Floor coatings, including epoxy, urethane cement, stain, sealers
  • Dry fall spraying open to structure ceilings and parking garages
  • High performance coatings on metals such as architectural steel
  • Doors, frames and millwork
  • Stains, varnishes, lacquers, toned polyurethanes
  • Special coatings, whiteboard paint, Scuffmaster, Zolatone

We also provide management of continuing maintenance painting for owners and developers of commercial and industrial buildings & facilities such as silos, food processing, manufacturing and warehousing.

Call PaintSmith Company for comprehensive services that are completed on-time, safely and within budget!

Exterior Painting Seattle, Yakima


As exterior painting contractors serving Seattle and Yakima, we take pride in our services and reputation that drive the return of repeat customers, including nationwide general contractors and chains.

Our skilled crew has years of experience meeting the unique requirements for management companies and owners with diverse needs across a variety of facilities. With each project specifically designed in direct collaboration with the owner, project management staff or general contractor, fulfilling their vision is central to our transformation objective.

These are reasons to choose us:

  • Careful materials selection and skillful application for appearance and longevity
  • Proper surface preparation including high-pressure washing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Reputation for quality and safety
  • Excellent quality control criteria
  • Assistance with color theory and design ideas
  • Extensive experience and expertise in restoration of beauty and value
  • Application of specialty coatings as needed
  • Precision workmanship
  • On time and on budget completion

Call us for reliable and economic results!

Seattle, Yakima Interior Painting


We have a reputation for unparalleled precision, efficiency, and professional painting concepts with an artistic vision that has no equal.

With years of experience and an understanding of its challenges, requirements and unique complexities, we provide Seattle and Yakima interior painting services, partnering with management companies or property owners, general contractors, HOA’s, and project managers of facilities such as:

  • Office buildings
  • Industrial parks
  • Retail centers
  • Multi-family housing units
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Townhomes

Our skilled teams of qualified technicians are experienced in following specifically created plans and performance benchmarks with minimal disruption to surrounding areas or communities.

Call PaintSmith Company to create an exceptional work product at optimal value with customer service that exceeds client expectations. (206) 333-6171